Enhancing this Site

Our aim: to make this site more complete and more accessible

For this we need money: you can contact us directly at this address: discovermacpherson@gmail.com.

Why we need money: although this website makes available to the general public for the first time much of the most important material relating to the Macpherson Inquiry, what you see here is by no means the complete record.

What is missing? Examples:

1. The Macpherson Inquiry had a Part 2, which addressed general issues of race and policing and took evidence at locations outside London. The transcripts of those sessions survive, but incorporating them will cost money.

2. The transcripts you currently see have a copyright status which means they are freely available for publication. The evidence of a small number of witnesses has not been included because their status is different and permissions would be required. Securing those permissions and adding the evidence to the site will cost money.

3. The Macpherson Inquiry received many written submissions from organisations and members. Securing permissions and capturing this important content for inclusion will cost money.

4. The Inquiry’s correspondence is held at the National Archives. Again, adding it to this site will carry a cost.

Additional funding will also allow us to enhance the user experience, with more visual material, more guidance for users and extra dimensions such as media coverage and relevant official documentation from subsequent years.

The sums necessary to make these additions and improvements are modest, especially when considered beside the potential benefits of permitting a deeper understanding of these landmark events in British history. If you can help with funding or advice about possible funding, please contact discovermacpherson@gmail.com.

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